We design comprehensive solutions and perform e-installations of intelligent systems for home and office.

We offer intelligent systems based on the latest technologies and solutions.
Technically advanced knowledge and experience are required for the reliable operation of intelligent solutions. A specialized design and programming team is the key to reliability. The vision of creating an autonomous system that meets the user’s expectations must be developed at the design concept stage in order to adapt the installation to the needs. At the same time, a well made installation creates the opportunity to develop the system in the future

We offer our clients

Concept – consultation of needs with a specialist

Project – system diagram

Purchase – selection and competitive valuation of devices

Installation – professional installation

Service – post-warranty or emergency care


Benefits of Intelligent Solutions

Savings – reducing utility bills (electricity, water, gas)

Securityc – threat detection (chad, water, traffic etc.)

Comfort – automating home processes (watering, light control, brewing coffee 🙂