A company website is nowadays a virtual business card, indispensable in virtually every industry. The current generation is looking for information on the internet before deciding to buy or use the service. That is why it is so important to have information about your company there. It is important that the website display correctly not only on computers but also on mobile devices. According to the latest Gemius research, almost half, because 47% (as of 08.01.2018) of Internet users use mobile phones or tablets. In addition, we have several types of browsers that can present the same page in different ways.
Netsoft meets the expectations of customers and target users by designing pages that adapt to different devices and look the same on the latest web browsers. We create www , from simple business cards, through websites based on the content management system, to complex and extensive internet portals. Our most popular products are:

www domain

Each website must have a name with the prefix www. And with the .pl, .com or other extension, e.g. https://www.netsoft.net.pl/ We must register such a name called domain for you in the national domain register and make an annual subscription fee in this regard.

Website hosting

Each page must be on a server that has to work constantly to make it visible to Internet users. We rent space on such servers and we make sure that they work flawlessly all the time, and your files are secure. The cost of maintaining such a website, depending on the amount of space rented, ranges from several dozen to several hundred zlotys in the form of an annual subscription.

www business card

This is the simplest and cheapest form of advertising on the internet.
This product includes a simple website with your contact details, company description and contact form.


This is a more extensive form of business card containing additional subpages, e.g. with the presentation of your offer or products.

Website with CMS system

This is the same product as the website with one important difference. In this case, the site contains an administrative panel for content management, to which only you have access and with its help can make changes to the content of the site. Our pages are based on the popular CMS WordPress system, which is easy to use and in case of complications we help when making the first steps.

Online store

It’s much more complex than a regular website. Of course, it also contains information about the company and a contact form, and most importantly, it gives the possibility of selling products or services directly. You also have access to the administration panel to the store, which gives you the ability to add and manage products, set prices, transport costs etc … and most importantly order management. The online store can be expanded with many modules such as fast online payments, product reviews and integration with the warehouse program. All modules are individually selected to meet your needs, so as not to jeopardize the budget allocated.

Web portal

This is the most elaborate and complicated form of a website gives many possibilities but also requires a lot of work during creation and subsequent administration. It has many subpages and nesting. We approach each order individually, starting from the concept of the portal, the convenience of navigating through it to the target user, transparency and ease of management.

Web applications

We can create for you a variety of functional applications that will help in company management, contact with customers, storage of their order data etc …
Each application is tailored to your needs and requirements, thoroughly tested, safe and works with anywhere in the world with internet access via a web browser.

Website positioning

Every page, store or portal should be visible in the internet search engine. Of course, each of our products is optimized under the SEO account and by its own name it is easy to find it in the Google search engine, but if you want to reach a wider group of Internet users, you should position the site organically for various keywords related to your industry.

Cooperation process

We approach each order individually, first we do an environmental interview and select the right product for you and sign the contract. Later, you show us other websites on the Internet that you like, or we present a set of different pages so that the new page appeals to you. Based on discovered preferences, we prepare a graphic design, which we then discuss together and make any corrections. After you have accepted your graphic design, we proceed to coding related pages. Graphic acceptance is very important because during the programming work applying any changes can be quite problematic and expensive. After completing the coding, we provide a new site with a test address visible only to you. At this time, it is time to test the operation of the site on various devices and browsers and to report any comments. After final acceptance and payment, we move the site to the target domain and report to Google to track it to be indexed faster.