We provide comprehensive telecommunications solutions (connections, integration of networks and systems within companies) and building specialized IT systems, alarm systems, television and image transmission systems (CCTV, from closed-circuit television) for surveillance and increasing the security of rooms or space in which cameras have been installed.

We use CCTV to protect objects of high value or exposed to theft because of the attractiveness of our goods. This system is also used to secure facilities with a large area. This allows one person to observe a large area and react quickly when an intruder is observed. CCTV is also perfect for observing the surroundings of buildings, in particular: entrance gates, entrances to buildings, etc.

The image from cameras is recorded on hard discs of video recorders / servers. Systems based on autonomous recorders and digital cards for computers give the possibility of continuous surveillance from anywhere. Appropriate configuration together with appropriate security allows current system preview, browsing the archive via the Internet, GPRS, UMTS. This gives you the opportunity to check at any time what is happening on the premises of the object or company without having to go to the place. We use devices from reputable companies such as: Axis, Vivotek, Bosch, Hikvision, Novus, EverFocus, Pelco, Fujinon, Hitachi, Sanyo, Sony, Samsung, GeoVision, Alkam, Computar.